Get Informed About Garage Doors

Don't Let Your Garage Door Get The Better Of You

Across Australia, one of the most common accessories you will find in any garage is the automatic door. Not only is it practical and allows for a smooth transition to the outside world, but it makes life just a little bit more simple, and at the end of the day, that is what technology should be for. Unfortunately, just like anything operated by a motor, your garage door will need to be serviced and repaired eventually. When the time comes, don't put it off, as this can lead to more damage and a bigger bill in the end!

Garage Door Motor Maintenance Service

There are many moving parts in your automated garage door, from the belt to the springs to the individual components in your engine. All of these will most likely fail at some point simply due to normal wear and tear. You can manage this cost by getting a yearly garage door motor repair service to come and diagnose any encroaching issues before they arrive. They are experts not only in parts but also in specific brands (some have proprietary parts that are difficult to source on your own) and all the different models of automated garage doors. 

Can't You Just Fix It On Your Own?

Many Australians like to think of themselves as a bit of a handyman around the house. In many cases, you might be right, and fixing broken pipes or cracked windows is certainly an excellent skill to have. However, when it comes to garage door motor repairs, you should never attempt them on your own. People have, and continue to get, seriously injured due to the tightly wound coils and springs that are used in your garage doors movement. If these get released accidentally, they can whip out at extreme speeds and cause severe injuries to all in range. Even if you don't think you are tampering with any safety features, you simply never know, and that is why it is best left to the professionals.

How Do You Know It's Time For A Service?

Apart from scheduling a garage door motor service bi-annually, you should also look for warning signs that indicate parts might be nearing a sudden failure. These include the following:

Contact a garage door motor repair service for more information.