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Replace Your Garage Door Hinge

You need to have a functional hinge for your garage door to work correctly. If at some point the hinges wear out or break you may find it difficult to open your door. If such an issue isn't handled properly you may end up replacing your existing door.

Garage door malfunction is a common problem in many homes. Here are a few important aspects you should know to help you handle any door concerns when it arises.

What Is the Source of Hinge Breakage?

Your door hinge goes through a lot of stress when opening or closing your garage door. When searching for reliable hinges, consider those designed from heavy steel. Even with continued use, you are guaranteed that they will last for over a decade.

Tell-Tale Signs of Trouble

One of the signs that your garage door may have issues is a wobbly or missing screw. While this may seem like a minor issue it can turn problematic if the issue isn't handled in time.     Your screws may get loose or fall due to deterioration of the metal plate.

If the cause of your garage door problem is as a result of a broken metal plate or loose hinge, the best course of action is to find a technician to replace the bolt and nut. Your garage door hinge can also easily deteriorate due to rusting and corrosion. This is very common in areas with damp or salty air.

What to Do in Case of Damage

You need to stop using your garage door when you notice broken, rusty, or loose hinges. If possible, park your car on the driveway or find a better alternative where it can be safe. For homeowners who have their garage attached to the main house, they should enter through the main house door. This is the case if they have to access any stored items in their garage.

You don't have to wait for long before making necessary repairs because you might just end up needing more expensive repairs.

Solving Your Garage Door Problem

The source of problem for many garage doors is due to worn out screws plate. When this happens, you can easily fit them with bolts and nuts. If this doesn't solve the problem or if the underlying issue is as a result of breakage, you should consider replacing the hinges.

When searching for garage door hinges, you should find a garage door expert to help work on installation to prevent any further damage.

For more information on garage door hinges, reach out to a garage door repair person in your area.