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Why Are Roller Doors So Effective for Garages?

You see roller doors in widespread use on industrial estates to secure units as well as in many retail settings. However, they are not that common when it comes to garage doors because most people tend to favour the conventional up-and-over style of door. However, roller doors offer several distinct advantages over these types of doors as well as over old-fashioned hinged ones. Read on to find out why roller garage doors are so effective in Australian residences.

Greater Security

When you have roller doors fitted to your garage, they will make it more secure than it has ever previously been. This is because the system creates a very tight connection when the door has been dropped down fully. Many such doors are made from very durable materials, such as aluminium or steel, which means that they are virtually impossible to force open with a crowbar.

After all, this is why they are used in industrial and retail settings so often. However, when a roller door is dropped down, it will create a flush finish which does not look out of place in a residential setting. In other words, you won't make your garage look like it has had a security upgrade if you fit a roller door, even though it has.

Improved Protection

As mentioned, roller doors have interlocking slats which concertina into one another once they have dropped to the ground. This creates a tight seal which is not just good for security but which also offers improved protection from the elements. Very often garage doors have gaps around them through which sand and dust can blow in. If you ever face rain and high winds, then the contents of your garage can even get wet when your door is supposedly shut.

This is not the case with a roller system, however, which keeps out bad weather to better preserve whatever you keep inside it. Even better, roller shutter–style doors can keep out unwanted pests, such as termites and spiders, which would otherwise be able to gain access.

Fully Automated

Roller doors drop down from above, and you can raise and lower them quite simply with a chain which will rotate a pulley. Many people like them in this form, but you can also motorise them to automate the process.

Roller shutters are easy to operate automatically. You can use a straightforward switch or even connect the motor to a wireless transponder so your garage door opens up for you as soon as your car turns onto the driveway.

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