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Garage Door Repair Services: Signs Your Garage Door Springs Are Broken

Garage doors play a fundamental role in facilitating entry to your house, safeguarding your belongings, and adding value to your home. Therefore, timely garage door repair services are vital given that the frequent use of garage doors exposes them to tear and wear. Read on to learn when you need spring repair for your door.

The Door Cables Are Not Secure

Differentiating spring issues and door cable problems is challenging for many people. But since the torsion springs secure the cables, the cables may get displaced once the springs get damaged. Therefore, in most cases, you will have spring issues when dealing with slack or lose cables.

The Garage Quickly Going Down

If you own an automatic garage door, you already know how fast it opens and closes after several years of operating it. Thus, you will quickly notice faulty springs when the door starts to close faster than usual. Broken springs cause quick downward movement because they can't handle the door weight. When you notice this issue, you should seek garage door repair services immediately to avert a potential accident. 

The Door Is Too Heavy 

Most times, inefficient garage door opening results from faulty springs. That's because the door's weight is supported by the torsion springs, and therefore when they fail to function, the door feels heavier than usual.

The Doors Open Only Up to About Six Inches 

Faulty springs also limit the extent to which the doors open. The door might open up partially or fail to open completely, depending on the severity of the damage. It could also be due to a malfunction of the safety sensors. Call your repair technician for a proper diagnosis.

The Door Operates Unusually

Not all garage doors have the open force safety feature. Some require the application of some force to open. When the springs in such a door break, there won't be enough force to offer balanced and slower closing. As a result, the doors will close unusually fast. When you experience this, it might be necessary to check whether the springs are intact or otherwise seek professional assistance.

The Door Appears Crooked 

Garage doors have extension springs on either side, and they work independently. When one of them fails, the door appears crooked. Failing to address the issue immediately can cause the door to get stuck on the tracks. Avoid forcing the door out of the tracks as you may damage them as well. Instead, call a garage door repair service to fix it.

Reach out to a professional who provides garage door repair services if you notice any of these signs.