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What Problems Do Homeowners Face with Their Roller Doors? 4 Common Roller Door Issues

Have you ever tried opening your roller doors only to realise that they are stuck? If so, then you understand the frustration. When your roller door has issues, the best thing to do is hire a trained contractor instead of trying to fix it yourself. The expert has the right knowledge, skills, and tools to repair the doors accurately and safely. Learning the common issues of roller doors might also help you take the necessary steps to avert potential accidents and damage. This article highlights some common roller door problems that need expert servicing. 

1. The Power Source Switches Off

If you have an electrically powered roller door, you need to have constant, reliable electricity to keep it working. Therefore, any power outages in the building might prevent your door from working. When your door stops suddenly, the first thing to check is its power source to confirm it's on. If you attempt to turn it on and it does not work, you could have a more severe issue requiring expert intervention. 

2. The Motor Starts Overheating 

One of the most common causes of roller door malfunction is overheating. If everything seems okay with your power source, the next thing you should check is the motor temperature. If the motor temperature is higher than usual, find out how much the door has been used that day. Sometimes using the door consistently may cause it to overheat, and with time it will cool off. If that does not help, call the repair experts as the door may be seriously damaged. 

3. The Door Code Does Not Work

The market offers roller doors with code-operated locks for extra security. Without the correct code, one cannot initiate the door's opening and closing mechanism. However, other issues with the door code system may also prevent it from opening or closing. Therefore, if the code you entered doesn't work, start by double-checking the code to confirm it is correct. If it is right and the door still refuses to open, only a roller door repair professional can promptly and efficiently fix the problem. 

4. The Cables Have Snapped

Though standard roller doors don't have cables, sectional and panel lift roller doors do. These cables can sometimes snap, making the door slant to one side. That will exert excess pressure on the other cable, increasing the rate of wear and tear. So, it is recommended that you replace both cables when one of them starts causing problems. However, replacing roller door cables is not an easy task and requires specialised skills and tools.

It is essential to have some knowledge of the possible issues you might face with your roller door. That way, you'll know when to call the repair professionals and prevent the problem from escalating. Reach out to professional who provide roller door services to learn more.