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Why Has Your Garage Door Started to Squeak?

If you've started to hear squeaking sounds whenever you open or close your garage door, then you need to find the source of the problem. While squeaks aren't always serious, they can be a warning sign of a more significant problem that can lead to the need for repairs or even a full door replacement.

What might be the source of the problem?

The Door's Parts Aren't Lubricated

Garage doors have a lot of moving parts. If you don't keep these parts lubricated, then they will dry out. They might make squeaking sounds as they work or if they rub against other parts. Dry parts are also more prone to rusting. Rust can also make squeaking sounds as it rubs against other parts.

You can try to work out where the squeaking sounds are coming from. For example, if you think they come from a spring or chain, then try using a lubricating spray on them.

If the spring didn't have enough lubrication, then this should stop the squeaking. If the squeaking continues, or if you can't pin its source down to a part that needs lubrication, then you might need to bring in expert help. If you also have rust problems, then you might need to repair or replace affected parts.

The Door Has Friction Problems

Your garage door should hang in the right position to open smoothly and quietly. However, if the door develops friction problems, then it can't do this.

If your door changes shape or moves out of its normal position, then it will rub or drag against its frame or other parts when you open or close it. When this happens, it might squeak when it touches areas it shouldn't touch.

Sometimes, this is down to warping. Some garage doors warp as they age. This can also happen if a door is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time or if it gets wet inside its surface materials.

Misalignment can also be a problem here. If the door moves out of position or doesn't hang straight, then it can't move up and down without making some noise. You might hear squeaking sounds as parts of it rub against the frame or other parts of its system.

If your door continues to squeak, then call a garage door repairs service. They can pinpoint the problem and help you fix it before the damage gets any worse.